Relatives/friends showing up at front door without calling first?

@babyhar (1335)
March 1, 2007 6:50am CST
Have you ever had relatives or friends that you know even.. Who have come over without notifying you first that they would be dropping on by to visit you for a bit? And instead had just decided to show up out of no where.. And you weren't really expecting company on that particular day. For example: The house is a mess & your not fully dressed or your hair is all over the place.. Or your just not wanting to have company over on that particular day.. How do you usually end up reacting when someone just shows up at your front door step without calling you before hand or telling you in advance? Do you still let them through the door & it doesn't bother you that they had done this? Or have you made it well known that you would much rather prefer the next time around.. That they call first before hand when they decide to come over to visit? .. Even after you had said this to them.. Have they still kept on showing up over & over again? I would love to hear all of your experiences with this & how you had handled situations such as this. Thanks for sharing with me your personal experiences! xx
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@SimplyJo (1694)
• India
2 Mar 07
Oh this happens a LOT with me and it annoys me to heights ! I mean, come on - don't you like 'owe' this to the person you are visiting to atleast 'inform' them beforehand - what if they are not home when you go? Dont they ever think that? Well, it happens a lot with my friends. if it's a friend i really like and is close to me - i'd be ok with him/her dropping in anytime - then with a close friend i dont care if i am a mess or the whole house is in pieces. but if its just a friend - i'll tell my mom to say i'm sleeping/not home - they deserve that for not informing :) dont they ? thanks for a nice topic.
• Sri Lanka
1 Mar 07
Its really good dont you think when you are down and bored it really is nice to have someone knocking at my door. It means that he/she has dropped by may be because they remembered you. Its really is not a bad thing after all. I have had this kind of expereience all the time. Most of my friends live close by so they just drop in sometimes at extremely odd hours where my neighbours would give calls just to know everything is alright. Dont worry pal it's your friend after all whos at your door. So next time a friend is at your door never hesitate to open it up for them because after all they may enlighten your day just by dropping by. take care.....