My earnings at mylot increased just an hour ago

anyone knows why? - Here I am wondering again what's happening here at mylot because my earnings increased just an hour ago. ANyone knows why? Please let me know. Thanks a lot! :)
March 1, 2007 1:57pm CST
When my earnings was updated earlier, it was $10.54. Now, when I checked it back from my 1 hour break, I've noticed it increased to $10.67. Yeah, I admit, it made me happy, but why? I'm just wondering. Does that mean they made a mistake when they updated my earnings earlier? Or do they have a new system in their earnings? I wanna know because I might be behind from all these stuff. THanks everyone!:)
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@hopefoo (1145)
• Malaysia
1 Mar 07
Every end of the month, you will see that your earnings will fluctuate a little. It can either go up or down. What happens is..every month, MyLot does a clean up and deletes posts that do not meet the site's regulations such as posting referral links or jokes. With the deletion of these posts, your earnings from those posts will be deducted from your account and sent to other people's account, to be shared as an incentive for those with quality posts. Since your earnings have increased this month, rest assured that you're doing everything right :)
• Belgium
1 Mar 07
Hmm, mine decreased, but that'll happen every month, I think even twice a month when older posts are deleted or something. You lucky one's! :)
• Bulgaria
1 Mar 07
Well, my earnings decreased with 0.01 before 5 minutes, not that it is much, but I am not sure what is happening ...