They Say "Money Can't Buy Happiness", do you agree?

United States
March 1, 2007 2:58pm CST
I have always wondered who came up with that saying. Money is the number one reason married couples argue, it's also the number one reason why couples split up. Seems to me in all these cases money would certainly help buy some happiness. Would having more money buy you more happiness? I find that having money sure doesn't hurt a relationship.
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@brokentia (10394)
• United States
5 Mar 07
Having too little of money can hurt a relationship. But also having too much money can hurt a relationship. Too little money? Where is the money going? Is there an addiction? Is there a lack of on person willingness to go out and break their back? Does one person want to spend spend spend while the other just keeps earning for the other to spend? There are so many reasons why a couple would not have enough money. And more that I, yes, nor enough money can hurt a relationship. What about if both are working very hard to afford what they have...but in turn, they barely see each other. Sad but true, this has resulted in many affairs. These affairs ruin the relationship. So, in that case, too much money does hurt a relationship. Or how about if one if the main bread winner while the other sits at home longing for the bread winner to come home and pay attention to her...or him. :) Who is being hurt? No, money can not buy you happiness. It may make you more comfortable. LOL But it is the person or persons in your life that bring you happiness. Oh! And if you are already wealthy and you start a would have to wonder if that person love you for you or your money. Respect...of course one that is wealthy will be respected...but what would happen to all those that respected or were friends if for some reason you lost everything? Would that person that is wealthy have a true friend? Or would that person suddenly be alone for the first time in his or her life? I think if one was left wondering this all the would not be truly happy either and would always have that little person on his or her shoulder causing doubt. So no, I do not think that money can buy happiness.
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
yep particulary money would not hurt a relationship as long as we use it in the proper right place, way. to speak as a couple, i don't no for now because i am single.. but one thing is certain i bet to agree that sometimes money can but happiness. literally, look around you.. liqour is a happiness to men.., girls too.. lol
• United States
1 Mar 07
I completely disagree. Having no money stresses me out because I can't pay my bills. When my bills are paid and I can go out to eat every once in a while, I'm happy. Therefore, money makes me happy, LOL. I understand what people are saying, though. Money can't buy true friends. You can be Oprah rich and still be unhappy. But having the money to buy the necessities and a few splurges can make anyone happy or happier.