What is the worst thing you did in your life?

@fokke1 (65)
March 1, 2007 4:11pm CST
I was wondering what is the worst thing you did in your life?In my case I have to say that the worst thing I have done was to kill a wolf.I was in mountain and a wolf attached me.I was with my friend Giamma.He was very ferocious and i had to take a big branch.I had to strike him...Maybe I hit it a little too rudely so i Crashed his head.I was very unhappy of this thing but I did it for save my life!
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@urbandekay (18308)
14 Mar 07
No, no no no no all the best urban
3 Mar 07
You acted in self defence, I don't think you did too bad really. I'm not sure what the worst thing i've done is... biggest thing I killed was a spider xD
• Italy
1 Mar 07
I have killed a cat when i was young with ma shoot carabine -.-