Why does golf have a handicap but other sports dont?

March 1, 2007 4:53pm CST
There must be a reason but I dont know why, do u?
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2 Mar 07
I am outraged. I just sat and typed out a response to this and sent it and it did not add it. Okay here is the concise version.... I do not know for fact but i think it is because golf is a friendly sport as opposed to cometitive and it owuld be rude to just beat someone by being better than them. that is the reason for the head start. i think the fact of it being a friendly sport is also highlighted by the fact that if someone gets a hole in one then they buy everyone else a drink.
2 Mar 07
I am also thinking that in other spor5ts there is no way to decide your handicap. In golf each hole has a specific number of strokes eg 2 and every stroke above the par on each hole is added up to make the handicap. I cant think of how you could decide a handicap in other sports.
5 Mar 07
But golf can be a competitive sport too there are golf competitions etc. About the points thing, other sports do have clear points, like darts or snooker and they dont have handicaps.
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14 Mar 07
At least I made a try at the answer. I think I deserve a best response. lol. hint hint