United States
March 1, 2007 5:05pm CST
Last night in class after my cpr class I was talking to my teacher and he had asked me what I was going to do with my college degrees im going to college for. I told him i was hoping to own my own daycare center or run one out of my home and i wanted to help foster children. He said that would be hard because you get close to the children and i said because you get attached to the children. I told him it was very true but if it ment bettering a childs life for just a certain period of time it was well worth it. I then went on to tell him that I was in foster care my teen age years and my foster mom adopted me at 17. He then said his grandparents adopted him when he was 11. So then we got into talking about adoption and how wonderful it is. Wonderful because it gives people who cant have children the chance to be a parent. It also gives children a better chance at life. Then another person in the class was listening and informed she to was also adopted but she was adopted by her aunt. I was just stunned to see how many people in such a small class was adopted there is 8 people in my cpr class including the teacher and 3 of which are adopted. I just thought that was a wonderful thing that we all found that out about one another.
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