Learn English (links, books etc)

March 1, 2007 5:53pm CST
One of my life goals is to learn english. It is the most important language in the world. We all have to learn it! So come on people. Let's make a big list with great links, books, tools (software) etc. Anything that can help me (and you) learn this language better. Anybody interested? Post here. At least one site (or something... anything) You can also tell us how you learn... (please tell me) :) Thanks everyone!
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@laowai (136)
• United States
5 Mar 07
From your post, your written English is very good. If you want to improve your spoken English, watch TV and movies without your native-language subtitles. Read lots of newspapers--it'll keep you informed about the world and help you with grammar. You can try Englishpod.com it might help. You'd probably be better off with your country-specific translations. If you really want help with grammar, try the AP style manual, Chicago Manual of Style, and Elements of Style. Elements of Style is the most basic of the three. Good luck and always practice.
• Romania
18 Apr 07
books from MacMillan are pretty good :P:))
@eicher (509)
• France
1 Mar 07
Why do you want to learn this language? You don't need to improve it: I find your English excellent!!!
• Romania
2 Mar 07
It only seems to be... for example i want to write a blog but with my english it's hard... it;s not so good. I don't know how to use times and I misspell a lot of words (and i don't know if misspell it's correct). Thx anyway :P I feel good :) Com'on people... links, books you have read... anything?