Have you received money from mylot??

March 2, 2007 2:11am CST
I'm a new user of mylot.And I'm not sure whether I can earn some money while sharing something on mylot.Has your earnings reached the piont before ??Have you got paid from mylot??Please share your experience with us...Thanks.
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@DoctorDidi (7029)
• India
21 Jul 12
So far I have received twice from mylot.
• India
12 Oct 08
great to hear from you friends! congrats on your earnings.
@AKRao24 (23982)
• India
4 Mar 07
Yes1 Definitely you can make some money from Mylot by posting your discussions! But let me tell you that this money will not fetch you bread and butter ! This will be just a pocket money which you are making while spending your time in aconstructive way, just y simply expressing views in a community! You can get paid for each and every discussion of yours provided it should be qualitative, detailed one, one with a substance and relevent to the topic.Just by answering in one or two sentenses you may not make good money out of it! On an average by posting some good postings about 20 in number a day I think you can easily make a dollar or so in one day! So far I received $14 and odd in my paypal account as my first instalment and very soon I am expecting to get my second release also ! You can definitely make money in mylot if you stick to rules and regulations made by Mylot. Don't post copyrighted material. Copying and pasting a copyrighted material may disqualify you, ofcourse this is not allowed till you reach your 500 score. Posting Spams, vulgar material, matertial hurting others may not be encouraged by Mylot! Wish you all the best and happy earnings in the Mylot Community!
@00fear (3211)
• United States
2 Mar 07
i made it for januarys payout, i made like $15.09 and i did recieve my earnings on my paypal account like on january 12 or 13. so yea, youll get it when you reach to the minimum payouts, which is $10 or if you wanna raise it up, then itll be like $25, and so on.
@bhagya (463)
• India
2 Mar 07
I have still not reached my payout, so have not received any money from mylot, but some of my friends have received.