Burning Ring Of Fire

March 2, 2007 3:32am CST
Why does everyone tell me that if i eat the jalapenios, i'll get the burning ring of fire, yeah you know what i'm talking about... the thing is, I don't... Like tonight, I ate a whole pack of feta stuffed jalapenios, i can eat anything hot, I love spicy foods, and i never get any problems from it, yet there's many people who do... What do you think? Do you get this problem? Is it bad? I sometimes get heart burn, but that's nothing really, i just thought that since i never have this problem, i would like to know some more on it, what people think in general i guess. Thanks!
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• United States
2 Mar 07
I absolutely love jalepenios. I eat them raw quite a bit. They taste great. My sister almost ruined it for me by saying, "they taste like spicy pickles" cause I don't like sliced up pickles at all...so I kinda got grossed out. (I like small, whole pickles) But I do'nt know what this burning ring of fire is. Whatever it is, I dont think I get it either cause jalepenos don't really bother me. I got a jalepenio burger once and I was munching it and gave my boyfriend a bite and I thought he was gonna roll over and die. He couldn't stand the heat. Hehe.
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• Canada
2 Mar 07
hahaha yeah my husband can't handle them either, actually i think i'm the only one in the house that can eat them, any time, all the time, it don't matter... I like baby dill's myself, but i rarely eat them, it sucks that she nearly ruined them for you, but the good thing is that your still eating right?! haha, their sooooo yummi, gosh, i'm gona have to go buy another jar tomorrow, cause now i want more! Thanks!!! + for you!
• India
2 Mar 07
i have no idea abt what r u talking...can u let me know waht it is all about???????