Has Anyone Else Forgotten To Be The Tooth Fairy?

United States
March 2, 2007 4:58am CST
My son lost his first tooth a couple of weeks back and i felt so guilty the next day when he came out of his room all sad and told me the tooth fairy forgot him. I told him she probably got held up with all the boyss and girls in the world and all. I remembered the next MORNING after he got up and went to the bathroom thank goodness! Well you'd think i wouldn't do that again. Day before last his second tooth came out. He says to me mom this is the happiest day of my life. LOL Anyway i FORGOT again that night!! how could i do that? Well, i told him she must of been real busy or where we are maybe it takes two days to get here. I did remember last night. Has anyone else done this or am i just the worst mom on earth?
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• Canada
2 Mar 07
I personally do not believe in perpetuating such myths, because then when we don't "hold up our end of the bargain" we are the ones who are "guilty." One year my step-dad forgot to fill my mother's Christmas stocking. She filled my sisters, Dave's and mine, but Dave forgot hers. Mom had an empty stocking that year. Fortunately we were all adults by then and understood what had happened. Dave bought Mom a new dress to wear for New Year's Eve.
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