need help traning

March 2, 2007 5:26am CST
i started out a new begginner level three in runescape and i need to know where to train him. where ever i go to train him his health is to low and he gets owned.
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@bymyhand (15)
• United States
3 Mar 07
well from level 3-20 you can train at monks, they dont have much health they dont hit hard and they reheal themselves so you wont worry about people stealing your kills. From level 20-40 you can go to giants. After you guys past level 40 you should train at moss giant until level 60 and then once you get to that level you should have a good idea on where to train from past experience.
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
Believe it or not I trained on rats behind Lumbridge Castle to lvl 10. Then started to goblins to lvl 15 then cows to 25 then guards to 35 then black knights to 40 then i just trained randomly :P. But for you i suggest something that you can be safe with. Chickens are easy and they give feathers to sell for 10-15 each or preferably cows for they have 8 hp and they give cow hides which can go for 100-150gp each.
2 Mar 07
You should level up using: - Chickens. - Cows. - Al Kharid guards. - Skeletons/zombies/ghosts. (In that order). After those you will probably be around level 30-40 :) ...
@Zinediin (97)
• Estonia
2 Mar 07
At first you have to train your man killing chickens, collect feathers and you can sell them for 5gpea. When your def is about 10, you can go and kill cows. When you are aboud def 15-20 go kill goblins. They all are near to Lumbridge. And when you are stronger, go and find monsters that are suitable with your lvl.