how to save $$$$$

March 2, 2007 8:56am CST
ok here is a system that works (you just have to be disciplined enough to follow it) a breakdown of where your money should be going (this should be followed everytime you get money matter how small the amount)....% can be realistically tailored to an individual's needs (if you feel that investements should be 10 instead of 20...depends on what you are comfortable with) INVESTMENTS-20% - never touch this amount for other than making investments (e.g buying property, rsps, gics etc) LONG-TERM SAVINGS-20%-vacations, rainy day fund, car etc. EXPENSES-45%-bills, grocery, rent etc. EDUCATION-5%- courses, seminars GHARITY-5% (i use it to buy groceries for the food bank every x-mas) PLAY-5%- impulse shopping, expensive dinners...whatever you want! hope that this helps!
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