a hospital/ health care system that is failing the people

@addysmum (1225)
March 2, 2007 10:07am CST
The hospital that I had my son in has had some real bad publicity of late. First, when my son was born I had HELLP syndrome (Hemolytic anemia, Elevated Liver enzymes, Low Platelet count) my OB missed it, I was saying from about 3 months that I was sick and he didn't listen to me. 3 days before my son was born I say the OB and he told me nothing was wrong some high BP that was all. 2 days before my son was born I went to the hospital (the one he was finally born in) with BP 95/100. The intern sent me home after an hour saying nothing was wrong. 1 day before he was born a nurse sent me to the same hospital saying something is very wrong with me, an other intern sent me home after 20 mins again saying nothing wrong. The day he was born I woke up at 2AM with chest pain, BP 160/105, my husband drive me the 150 Km to the hospital when we arrived an intern tried to send me home. If my OB's business partner had not been there for one of her patients they would have. She took one look at me ran some test and told my husband you are going home with out a wife today. They almost killed me. I think we should have spoke out but my husband was just so happy to have us both alive he never did. In recent years the same hospital has let 3 ladies miscarry in the waiting room of the emergency. all 3 said even if there wasn't a bed a wheelchair in a more private corner with someone checking in on them would have been better then letting them bleed and suffer in front of a packed room of strangers. They all understand the they would have lost the baby anyway but to do it in public with everyone watching them was horrible. The hospital claims they had no place to put these ladies and they are so short funded that this is just going to continue until they get more money. All of this took place in Calgary Alberta one of the richest provinces in Canada. A place where truck drivers are being offered crazy money (my husband was offered over $150 000 to drive for a company) Wendy's pays $17 an hour to front end staff, kids are dropping out because of the money being through at them to work. The hospitals all say they have no money, they are short funded to supply the staff needed and resources needed. Why is that? I don't understand why health care has no money but the rest of us are rolling in it..
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