Wat do u think is a million dollar question??

Million dollar question - million dollars!!!
March 2, 2007 12:13pm CST
Hi frnds which question do u think is worth a million dollars.. m eager to know.. pls help me out
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@akotawala (134)
• India
13 Mar 07
i think a million dollar question is that if someone owns what is going to happen with him in his near future, do you know what can happen to you just after 1 minute or so, then what to say. if can anyone predict his/her future and can tell others and i think this would be more than a million dollar question. you can take in that way can you predict anything about the world what could happen.
@aakash28 (71)
• India
6 Mar 07
ohhhh... your question is indeed of million dollars!!! Say .. : how did Aakash earn a million dollars????? OR how much has Aakash earned.... .... n u kno whuz Aakash....!
• India
6 Mar 07
Hey!!! I have got an interesting million dollar question in my mind.... The question is: "Who came first on the earth??? The Hen or the Egg??" :-) I am sure, this is perhaps the most difficult question in the world to answer...!!!
• India
3 Mar 07
well a million dollar question is something abt which no body cud be quite sure of.. say for example will india win the world cup??????... is tat ok for u!!!!!
@rekkusu (603)
2 Mar 07
How about "Do you want a million dollers" ;) ha ha ha ha