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March 2, 2007 2:07pm CST
What should be done if anything about pitbull attacks? Do you think people should be allowed to own them at all, or should they have certain restrictions based on the breed?
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2 Mar 07
im sorry i might sound abit out of order here but a dog grows up how its been trained to. i do think it all goes on how you bring your dog up unless its in pain or ill then thats also a reason it could just turn for no apparent reason. im not saying there aren't bad dogs out there im just saying why always blame the dog and it's breed why not look in to how it was brought up.
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@design (849)
• Ireland
3 Mar 07
littlehoneymonster I agree with everything you said, Dogs are like children they need to learn right from wrong, If you treat them badly they will of course behave badly. Like young children are a reflection of their home life, Dogs are too. (Don't mean to put kids and dog in the same category but no other way of explaining)
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
3 Mar 07
Amy in her first pair of shades. - My granddaughter, Christmas 2003.
I believe all pitbull owners should be responsible people, and must have their dogs registered. If their dogs attack anyone the owner must be held responsible, and the animal put down.
• United States
3 Mar 07
That should go for ALL DOG owners, not just all pittbull owners! If any of my dogs ever made a move, ever, no matter what the breed, they are put down.
@blackbriar (9080)
• United States
4 Mar 07
I have a Lab/Pit mix that grew up in a very abusive home. The owners were going to put him down but my niece talked me into at least meeting him cause she didn't want to see the dog destroyed just because the owners mistreated him alot. I went to meet him and after a lot of aggression on his part, he realized I'm not a bad person unlike his owners were and came to lick my chin. I brought him home that day and now he's the sweetest dog. Loves to jump in ppls' laps and wash their faces. lol My 8yr old daughter uses him as a pillow/back rest when she's watching TV. He's Lab on the outside but pure pit on the inside. Because of my love, patience, and putting him thru obedience classes, he went from a very dangerous dog to literally a baby who wants nothing more than to be cuddled. So you see, it's not the dog but the owners that make a dog mean or lovable. Ban one breed, might as well ban them all cause I'd sooner have a 'dangerous' breed than a yappy little ankle biter.
@MKpack22 (307)
• United States
3 Mar 07
i personally dont like pitbulls. unless you own a junkyard i dont see why you need a fierce, overly aggresive dog. they dont even look cute.