united negro fund.

United States
March 2, 2007 2:19pm CST
why is there a fund for all black people. why after trying to break all this racial issues, do they have all black colleges and united negro fund. why is there not an all white fund? why is there a black history month? If you fight to get rid of racial segregation, why then would you be a hypocrite and make all black only stuff?
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@cyntrow (8524)
• United States
3 Mar 07
College funds for black students exist because the country has not yet attained equality. Think about it. If a person of color wants to go to college, but is not an athelete and has not the funding; what then. Men and women of color have been held back for so long, it has become commonplace. My family is not wealthy, but my kids have places to go to get funding that many families of color do not have. My kids, in our white suburban neighborhood, have the option of working toward excellent grades and the opportunity for grants, scholarships, and loans based upon those grades. Inner city schools suck. The educational system has failed these students. THey do not have the grades to achieve, not for lack of trying, but because they have not been given opportunity. The united negro college fund evens out the playing field. Until there is equality in public education, groups such as this are necessary.
• Canada
2 Mar 07
Wow, as I sat here watching, waiting just to see if anyone was going respond to this discussion, i realized that after 40min. that might not have happened... till I said something! I for one never thought to see or respond to such a question, now I'm not offended in anyway.. Why is there a fund for all black people? A: There is a fund for all black people, the fund is to help/ assist inner city youth whom are not exposed to community non-profit organizations. Which give them a chance to go to college, when their parents/ guardian can't afford to send them. Considering that I'm canadian do not quote me on any of this. For 400 years the blacks had been fighting for their freedom and equal rights like any other human being. But, because they chose to speak for themselves.. they were murdered, raped, and suffered other traumatic experiences. The United Negro "College" Fund, is to give each black youth an opportunity to achieve greatness! In a lot of way blacks still feel to this day.. that they're being held back from achieving such goals. Black History month exists because in everyday schooling, whether it is canadian or american black history is or was never recognized as apart of the human culture. there are no records that anyone broke the racial barrier. Trust me, there are billions. Black history in some wierd way for a lot of other people do not want to recognize blacks history.. they consist of political world leaders, athletes, inventor, musicians, poets,.. you name it.. they invented it! Ask yourself this.. If Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, John F. Kennedy, and many others were written off as nobodies,.. would it matter to you?