would u call diz jealousy???i need advice

United States
March 2, 2007 3:11pm CST
my dad has a friend i known since i was a baby & he would alwayz buy me things or take me 2 places & he told me i'm lik a daughter 4 him & dat wenever i need a favor or money he would help me out cuz i'm lik his lil princezz well i never asked 4 a favor until valentine day wen he took me 2 da mall 2 buy a cologne 4 my b/f well i just got a call from his daughter today & she told me dat she is pist off dat i'm alwayz callin her dad 4 favors or money & dat i have my own dad 2 buy me things & giv me money & dat she dont ever want me callin her dad cellphone again cuz she dont want 2 come 2 my house & tell me in my face & dat she dont want me tellin her dad wat she said 2 me cuz its a conversation between me & her well shes 19 & i'm 16 and well i dont know if u would call diz jealousy but he said it was never a problem 4 him 2 do favors 2 me so should i stop askin him 4 money & favors cuz i rarely ask him i only ask him wen i really really need sumtin but his da one alwayz buyin me chips & drinks & givin me money wen i dont even ask him but should i tell her dad wat she told me & just stop askin him 4 favors or should i tell him cuz its not bad askin him 4 favors
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