Would you tell someone they stink?

South Africa
March 2, 2007 3:28pm CST
Just imagine they haven't worn deodrant ever in their life and you have to sit near to them and smell this sewer under arms. What do you tell them? "Man you stink!" "Have you considered a tic-tac under dem' arms" What kinda person tells a person to that. At least they are being the most honest of the people who do smell it. What would you tell someone if their arms smelled and then if you give a mean answer i dare you to go tell someone that to their face who actually stinks.
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@ieeko89 (1054)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 08
Em, I couldn't tell them if they smell stink. I just walk away and pretend that everything is alright. Because it's quite embarrassing if we tell them that they are stink in public or either alone, but still, they feel embarrassing but somehow, it's good tho. We're helping them. But I'm just the type of couldn't face their faces while telling them that they are actually smells very stink. I rather someone else to tell them^^
@dons626 (404)
• Philippines
11 Jun 07
I think its so mean to tell someone directly "hey man, you stink!" I will just take a deep breath and walk away. There are times when I would joke a friend or a relative that he / she stinks... but in a funny nice way. That way they wont get offended :)
• United States
2 Mar 07
I worked at this place where this guy who farmed his dairy farm allday then came straight to work. And we worked in a HOT factory. If he did wear dedodrant by the time he came to work it had long since quit. But I just tried to keep a smile on my face. And not breath to deeply.