Stop work at home scams. Its time for home workers to unite.!!!!

United States
March 2, 2007 8:10pm CST
Ive been searching for work at home jobs or oppurtunities for a long while just to find nothing but complete trash. so i have an idea. its a stupid idea but then again you never know. i think that people who are looking for work from home either taking surveys or whatever should form some kind of alliance. with this alliance im willing to sacrifice and search to weed out whats is the real and the b.s. i will try to keep you updated on my findings, tips, ideas and scams. im doing this because i believe if we work together we can not only find things that work but also inform others from other crap. i have one site that seems to be paying but im still checking on it. here is the link alot of these companies dont care about us making money but only getting from people who want to make it. im just a one man, i believe if something like this is created then it will help us home workers out. im gonna be posting more links and once i find out if they work or not. if you have any ideas, or know of anything and is for this alliace please contact me. it would be an honor to work with you.
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