What can you do when you don't find a good job?

March 2, 2007 11:42pm CST
Hello,everyone.What can you do when you don't find a good job?I am a college student,I'll graduate from Jiangsu teachers university of technology in July of 2007.But I don't find a goog job,I'm very afriad.A good job needs some years's experiences.Now I have no idea that what can I do?I expercted that you could give me some advices.Thank you.
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@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
4 Mar 07
It might take a while to find the job you really want. Try and figure out exactly the kind of job that you want to have. Then create a plan to get it. Keep your goal in mind always and you might be able to work your way into the job of your dreams. Never give up moving in the direction that will give you the results you want. Don't waste to much time in activities that don't lead you to your desires. Discover your passion by using your mind and heart to know what you want. That is half the battle, knowing what to do in your life. Figure that out and you have won. Always find a way to be positive and know you are worthy of living your dreams. Only you can give yourself what you desire.
• China
7 Mar 07
Thanks for your advice.I don't give up until I find a good job.
@AKRao24 (24362)
• India
3 Mar 07
Well! You have got answer for your self in your question! When you know that you need good work experience to have a nice job, then first and sensible thing would be taking up a relevent job at lower salry. Don't mind even joining as an apprentice.This will not only improve your confidence but will teach you a lot about the working atmosphere and the pertinent problems you encounter while you are at the work. This I am saying because studying in a college and working there for a project is entirely different from working for your livelihood. Here when you work for your career you face with many a problems and to keep up with the pace you need to take several decisions on the spot! For doing all these things you definitely need some exposure, which I think which you can get as an apprentice ! You shpuldn't feel bad or inferior in taking up a small but pertinent job.You can just use this job as a learn as you earn project and after attaining sufficient experience, you can definitely recover the amount which you may feel , you have lost initially by joining as apprentice, very easily! Any organisation wold definitely would like to people with work experience and also who know about their work! All the best for your bright future and excellent career my dear friend!
• China
3 Mar 07
First,thanks for your advice.Second ,I'll work hard to find a nice job in the future.At last,I wish you're happy everyday.