Why some people keep their relationship secret?

March 3, 2007 2:52am CST
Im just wondering why there were couples who keep their relationship secret. The fact that they were both single, why do they need to keep it? Isn't they're proud of each other... SOmetimes, it's guys' decision... Well, i cannot explain why??? Maybe because we did not keep our relationship...
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@sunnypub (2130)
• United States
3 Mar 07
Well I think it really depends on the people. I am sure that everyone has their own reasons. When my husband and I first crossed the line from friends to lovers, we kept is secret. Of course this was years ago. We kept it secret because it was easier to deal with it. I mean, when you have a lot of the same friends and you start dating, all your friends tend to share their thoughts on the relationship, and sometimes their thoughts are not great. We wanted to just enjoy ourselves without outside distractions. Once we knew that we were going to last and it wasn't a phase we did tell everyone and now almost 14 years later we are married and have a wonderful daughter. I think that if we had told everyone right from the start we might not have made it because there were a few of our friends who didn't think we should be togehter. Of course once we were comfortable with dating and got to the point where we were happy and didn't really care what other people thought, then telling them was really not a big deal.