what's the impact of proffessional life on our family life and relations?

March 3, 2007 5:59am CST
Hello users.Can anyone tell me how our professional life affects our family life and relations?If we r not successful at professional level,is it possible that we will not be successful at the level of our relations and family life.Is money is required very much to fulfil the success of our relations.
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@nusrath (65)
• India
5 Mar 07
hi friend, its really practical running discussion which u have posted so atfirst thanx alot for that as a mylot member.and comming to the point of thinking i can say money is very important for running any relation.in this busy supersonic generation i can say we are hardly gettingtime to spend with ou families.as every body are concentrating on earning gud money,and on their careers to fulfills the needs of their life. its also very important that we have to make money for continueing realtions,but on the same hand even we should concentrate on family realtions becoz if we neglect this may be we will loose family values.we should not forget taht we are earning money only for our family.whats teh fun if we are breaking the family in running behind money and professional life.professinal life is only a source of making family life and i can say money is only part of life not heart of life. nusrath
@vk1945 (65)
• India
3 Mar 07
Since the family life is related to your financial status and you can have a good finance on successful professional carreer. Hence there will be an impact of profession on your family life. Since the events in family life will have a psychological impact on your mind. And inturn it will have an impact on your carreer. Thus both are complimentary.