What are your favorite board games for kids?

@seamonkey (1981)
March 3, 2007 6:23am CST
My boys are wicked backgammon players, and we also like Clue and Cranium. In the cards department, we like Uno and Top Trumps.
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• United States
20 Mar 07
What they still make board games?? Are you kidding I do good to beg a game of uno or spades out of my bunch here. Although they will still sit with their dad and play Chess, well they try and beat him which has not happened yet, but they are getting closer.
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@Rexy_leigh (1189)
• Philippines
19 Mar 07
If you wanted your kids to learn board which are both educational and fun, I suggest chess and scrabble. They are really great board games for kids and they can help them develop quick thinking.
@design (848)
• Ireland
17 Mar 07
Balloon Lagoon is a favourite right now with the kids, the old reliables keep being played too, games like guess who?, monopoly and card games.
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@drakan291 (817)
• Ireland
14 Mar 07
Chess is a classic but a timeless one. I would really recommend teaching your kids this when they are young.
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• Canada
3 Mar 07
i collect vintage board games so my daughter likes a lot of the old games. one of our favorites is a cabbage patch game. she also likes the old pizza party game. i think the headbands junior game is really fun too.
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
29 May 10
Top Trumps , LOL, just have good a card game was that. Such a simple concept that would captivate your attention for hours on end. Just think how many different card sets you could create for this entertaining game. The old games are always the best games, I cant stand some of the modern rubbish on sale nowadays. But maybe it's because I'm no longer a child. If only I could go back in time.
@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
16 Apr 07
It isn't a board game and it could be dangerous if your kids are little, but lawn darts is really fun.