sb 861

@jwan11 (25)
March 3, 2007 6:24am CST
Do you think that it is right for the bulldogs of britain to be put down? Me personally do not but it isn't my opinion that counts its yours so in the kindness of your heart can you please tell me what you think and VOTE NO TO SB 861
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@jan135 (537)
• Australia
28 Mar 07
NO, I do not think any breed of dog should be put down for no reason. It's not just Britain that want to eradicate the pitbull, it's worldwide. Man has made this breed of dog for their own uses, by inter-breeding certain breeds of dogs and they now want to put an end to this breed. How about a stricter licence for pitbull owners, so that the dogs do not get into the wrong human hands. I would gladly be in support of this as a pitbull owner myself. There are many myths about pitbulls that people believe, if people would just try to understand this breed, instead of putting it down all the time. There are many breeds of dogs that have mauled children but you only ever see pitbulls in the news.
@jwan11 (25)
1 Apr 07
thank you finally someone agree's
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• United States
17 Apr 07
Absolutely no. The bulldogs are getting a bum rap. It is the owners that make these dogs mean. Why not punish the owners instead. This is absolutely not right! They are going to kill these beautiful animals simply because their breed is a pitbull. How ridiculous can people get. It is not the breed but the owners that bring about a mean or bad dog.
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@nannacroc (4049)
22 May 07
Some owners deserve to be put down but the dogs are only what the owners make them.
@jwan11 (25)
29 Jun 07
i agree