How to get rid of MOUTH ULCERS? any home or any kind of remedy??

United States
March 3, 2007 10:15am CST
its been 3 days i have been bugged by this ulcer which is under my lower lip it hurts even whn i talk so pls recommend something which can eradicate this one and make me smile properly i have tried some gels but all in vain.
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@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
3 Mar 07
very honestly, i also experienced such thing few weeks back so i am just giving you one simple remedy which suits me and that is simple mustard oil... message that area with oil at bed time and just got o sleep... i know it taste awful but it works magically and it will relive you just in 2 days...believe me just give it a try .... good luck!!!
• Canada
3 Mar 07
sorryi for got to mention one important thing is that avoid hot meals and drinks for a while until you feel well. in the eman time have plenty of water and keep yogurt, fruits and veges in your diet..these are natural remedy of ulcers of any kind. good luck once again. :-)
• India
7 Dec 09
chew grated dry cocunut with white poppy seeds 3-4 times a day.. it'll go in 2 days
• Philippines
22 Aug 07
i do not know the real cure for such, but i heard and experience that when one usually takes a bath in the afternoon especially on a hot day are prone to get mouth ulcers (just one of the causes). say prevention is better than cure. could it be that taking a bath after noon causes mouthsores?
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
3 Mar 07
i am suffering with mouth ulcers for almost two weeks now. one on my lower lip and the other one's located under my tongue. and it's really annoying. i can't eat what i want to it since it's to painful even to chew food. and yep. it's painful to speak or smile. there are even times when i feel heaches because of my mouth ulcers. i just hope that it will automatically go away. but they don't. what i do to alleviate pain somehow is i brush more times a day and i gargle mouth antiseptics a lot. it lessens the pain but still, it won't take away the ulcers. i tried gels, too. but never worked for me. i think, the best way is to just gargle with mouth washes everytime you're in pain. that's the best thing to do.
• Ireland
3 Mar 07
I usually use Bonjela or Rinstead, these numb the pain and clear them. If i dont have these, I usually put some salt in warm water and gargle it in my mounth. The salt kills the ulcer and should clear up in no time.