Choices! Which of these would choose and why?

@lenith (1222)
March 3, 2007 10:29am CST
I just love to post things that either make people think or are controversial...on that end simply because those subjects make people explore how they feel about subjects we tend to avoid. This topic is a bit of both. So if your not to "weak stomached" feel free to continue. And I hope to god no one here goes through these. Faced with these choices and THESE choices only, which would you choose and why? Remember this isn't what you "should" do, its what "would" you do if you were confronted with this situation. Situation 1: Your being held hostage with a kid, we'll say a 8 year old girl. There are a bunch of other armed people in the room. The leader of the group says he will let one of you go but its your choice. He hands you a 6 cylinder revolver and tells you have to choose between you and the girl. You....: A. Shoot the girl (kill her) and your free. B. Shoot yourself (die) and she goes free. C. Shoot as many people as possible then before they kill you and hope they let the girl go. D. Refuse and let them choose for you, hopefully they won't kill you both. E. Shoot as many people as possible then kill both yourself and the girl knowing they will kill you both . What do you do? Once again theres no alternate choices. Situation 2: Your in the country and theres really nothing near by. Your driving by a house and you see its on fire. A woman flags you down and tells you her disabled husband and kids are inside still. She tells you she called the fire department but they are 10 minutes away. Do you...: A. Say "Sorry!" and keep on driving. B. Stop. Comfort her and watch the fire but do nothing. C. Stop. Try and find water and try to keep it controlled/put it out. D. Stop. Prepare yourself, run into the house and try to save the people. Situation 3: Your at a party hall and you smell a gas leak. You find the source of it coming from a line in the party rooms kitchen. You go to get help but your stopped by a your friends ***hole friend who who royally hate. He says hes going to to have a smoke outside the kitchen, right near the fumes. Do you...: A. Tell him "We need to get out of here, theres a gas leak back there. Don't light up!" B. Tell him "Go back there and wait a minute before you light up." Then have people leave the building and have the friend light up and blow up the kitchen along with himself. C. Do nothing and let him light up and blow up the kitchen and himself, he deserves it! Situation 4: Theres been a disaster* and its up to you to select from 2 people out of the 10 that are left to come to a secure shelter until more survivors show up. Who do you take with you? A. John. 69 Yr. Old man in perfect health. WW2 Vet (Ex-Security Guard). B. Lucy. 12 Yr. Old girl hyper. Loves reading. C. Ted. 41 Yr. Old man asthma. Carpenter. D. Mindy. 44. Yr. Old woman, survived Breast Cancer. Chef. E. Mike. 14. Yr. Old boy signs of depression. Math wiz. F. Bob. 28. Yr. Old man overweight. Computer Nerd. G. Linda. 62 Yr. Old woman heart problems. Nurse. H. Don. 35 Yr. Old man unknown health status. Unknown Info. I. Sheryl 22 Yr. Old woman headaches. Dancer. J. Lisa 51 Yr. Old woman bad back. Judge.
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