missing mom....

March 3, 2007 7:56pm CST
its been 3 years since i left my hometown and my parents for the proverbial "greener pasture"...and am missing my folks back home every tick of the clock... we still do keep in touch but it is still really different to see and be with them...it just feels...hmm...comforting...but i know we'll see each other again....
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• Canada
4 Mar 07
I live on an island, recently a lot of us have been moving to Alberta for work because the unemployment rate here is sky high. Its ironic to say the least that every newfie (newfoundlander) was built with a homing device. We may like living away from home. We may enjoy our jobs and our lifestyles but our hearts and minds are with the people that we grew up with, the section of our lives that molded us into what we have become. I think everyone has that, no matter where we live out our lives. I moved away from home when I was just a teenager (19) Now I am living home again, not next door to my mother. But close just the same. I do it now more for my children than anything, because they need those close family members to help mold them into responsible adults. Just my opinion, I know that many folks have become awesome individual's despite the place where they reside.