How many of us really try to return back what our parents have done fo us?

love - It is pure love and bonding that is preset in the eyes of the parent when we are born..but sadly today those same eyes that "LONG" for help and emotional support...
March 3, 2007 10:17pm CST
Hello ppl. I would love to ask all the users of myLOT. How many of us actually stand up and appriciate all that our parents have done for us?and above many of us actually try to return back the favour and what ever way it is possible for us.. i am concerned at the state of this modern "fast paced" world that has no space fro relationships at all.. it is not just parents who do get ignored..sometimes even a mariage gets in trouble..just because of the work pressure.. it is a very sorry state..people..we have a lot more things to do in our life apart from having a grinding day at work... stand up and take notice of the good things an people around u!!
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