what would happen if america became?

@ipisman (144)
March 4, 2007 12:04am CST
what would happen if america became an islamic majority, or jewish majority? like would it be a homophobic predjudice society or would it be the same as it is now. when i'm talking about islam, i'm talking about islam of the middle east, like sunni shi'a and when i tlk about judaism i'm talking about orthodox judaism. i just want to know what you guys think would happen if our great country became islamic or jewish, like how gays would be treated.
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• Sri Lanka
5 Mar 07
I can give a step by step prediction to what will happen. Research in space will stop. The Moon is the sacred symbol of Islam and there is no point in trying to go there. It is impossible. Then thousands will be jobless. Pork will be banned. Another 10000 will be jobless. Prayers will be compulsory 5 times a day. Another 100000 will be jobless. People will not need to keep mistresses as they can marry more than one. Crime will get reduced as judgement will be carried out in "Dirty Harry" style. 200000 lawyers and other employees in the judiciary will be jobless. The economy will fall and USA will blame the imperial Europe for the misery they are undergoing. Holy war will be waged on Europe.
• United States
4 Mar 07
LMAO. If this country were to become traditional islamic, women would have no rights and be killed in their backyard pools for kissing a man that were not their husbands, gays would be killed, women would be property and the US would be under martial law. I'm not sure about orthodox judaism, I don't know enough about thier culture to say.
• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
traditional islamic? What are you talking about? Islam is one. There are no tradisional or modern islamic! Musims live with the Koran and the Koran never change! So, how come there is a tradisional islamic? Read the Koran after this and come back to this thread and again, give your comment. :)
• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
woho! I'm malaysian... but I can guess what will happen to america if that thing really happen... america will be one of the best country! The citizens will live in harmony... :) Why? you can get the answer in the Koran... :)