A ghost bothering you?

March 4, 2007 8:17am CST
A ghost or jinn is a resident of our place too. We live in a same world but different dimension. There's a lot kind of jinn even thousands of species. They have different jobs and tasks same like human being. Jinn consists of 3 categories, one is that fly in a sky, second is crawling in the earth like snakes, black dog etc, and third have a place to live or translocate from place to place like a human. So anybody here wants to share story about ghost?? :-D
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@nice030481 (1108)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
i ddnt yet see a ghost, and i dont want to see any, . all i want to see is fairies and dwarfs, but i dont even see them. i dont have the power to see them.
@fizanali (478)
• Pakistan
2 Apr 08
Well i too know about jinn they are for real. they are intelligent like we are (but not as much) they are made of fire where we are made of soil. they are invisble to us as their names comes from the arabic word 'jannah' meaning 'hidden'. they have special abilities like flying,transformation etc but they are not allowed to use them unless required they have mostly become evil by joining the devil and are even called the devils army. Though their are also some muslim jinn which are good. They to will go to heaven and hell like we will.
@Aloeli (398)
• Portugal
7 May 07
lol i understand you know very well ghosts but i simply don't believe in ghosts! :)