Thinking of buying an external hardrive

@jend80 (2068)
March 4, 2007 11:36am CST
It'll be for storing backups, plus music and large photo/graphic files. I've seen ones made/sold by Seagate online that sound good and in my price range. Which models are the most reliable?
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@Asylum (48060)
• Manchester, England
5 Mar 07
I have a couple of the Seagate ones at 320 Gb each, and I have found them to be very reliable. With the falling cost of this type of drive the space offered is very useful. I have several backups of my computer and laptop in both Windows and Linux, along with vast amounts of images, audio and videos stored on them for easy access.
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• India
4 Mar 07
Surely seagate external hard drives seem to be quite good. It also depends on what price range you are looking for your hard drive. But seagate hard drives have worked good and well for me and my friends. So i'd recommend seagate hard drive definitely.
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@LindaLou (483)
• Canada
4 Mar 07
I have one by Iomega. It's an HDD 80G. I've been using it for a couple of years now and it's great. I've had no problems with it, it was easy to install (I'm not all that technically savvy)and it has been nice to have the extra storage space for large files.
@glf1980 (222)
• Italy
4 Mar 07
Hi jend80! I recommend you Lacie Hard drive. I have an external 80GB one, and it's very good. Very reliable, stylish and compact. Plug and play, No drivers needed. Take a tour here:
• India
4 Mar 07
Hi Dear Segate is a award winning brand for hard disk makers. I have a hp notepad and i m using segate hard disk for external storage. once more Segate is the best...
@ryushin (39)
• Brazil
4 Mar 07
I like Seagate external hard drives, never had any issue with it. What will you use the hard drive for? In some situations (where you just lack space inside the case or you need it to have a better cooling system) I get a Internal Hard Drive and get a case for it (Like a box for the HD)... It's kinda strange, but it serves its purpose. Anyways, if you're gonna buy an external drive, I recommend Seagate ones ;)