soft drinks v/s pesticides

March 4, 2007 12:27pm CST
A soft drink like coca cola,pepsi,sprite etc are much less injurious than the fresh looking green vegetables available in almost all the markets.The pesticides,chemical residues presnt in the greens make them most hazardous for human health. Whether,we can afford to reject chemical fertilisers and pesticides which may reduce the productivity.
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@Mitraa (3187)
• India
7 Mar 07
In fact, the time has already come, at which we all must think over this matter more deeply to protect all from chemical hazards from agrictural products. This we cann't achieve over-night since this is not made over-night. First of all we can never negotiate with loss of productivity that we have achieved as a milestone of our scientific progress and able to feed billions of people day and night. So keeping our productivity secured, we should think and devise methods gradually, by which application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers will be minimised and so also residual poison hazards! In my opinion bio-control of insects and pests as well as bio-fertilizers will be a very good solution to this. As per reports and market observations, this is still at its primary stage. So it is the high time now for us, particularly men of agriculture science to find ways and means for more dependance on bio-system as a substitute for artificial chemical system. This must in my opinion solve the residual poison hazards in vegetables, fruits, food-grains, milk and many more agro-edible products. Thanks.