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March 4, 2007 1:43pm CST
Which one did you like more? Your school life or your college life.... though both of them supposed to have thier own charms of life but then the two are so comparable.... I believe the true learning age is in shcool only and definitely not in colege.... college is basically the application f what all we learn in school...the school life is so gud at being careful; and ppl caring for college hardly someone cares for u.... u r at ur own...and u r reckles.... But still while u enter college from school, u reallyt enteer a new how do u feel about this new world?
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• Philippines
9 Mar 07
Talking about the learning or the education I got from those levels of education, I should say my school days are really precious for it was when the basic foundation of my knowledge was molded. I really regard my school teachers with great respect and appreciation for all the inputs they have given to me. Without those basic knowledge from learning my A B C to counting 1 2 3.. I wouldn't become an engineer as I am now. But when I talk about the happy moments, the fun and adventure of being young adults, I should say I cherish the memories I had during my college days. I got to be exposed to different kinds of people from different levels of the society. And I also love it when people listen to you when you say something as you are already a little mature to talk about things in life. To put it simply, I enjoy every level or every stage of education and learning I have been through. I wouldn't be what I have become now if I haven't gone through all of them. Godbless!
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
8 Mar 07
Definitely college for me, when you reach college you are actually treated like an adult! At school you are still treated like a child. I learnt far more at college than at school. School I hated, mainly because the teachers were useless and I was bullied. I couldn't wait to leave. With school you HAVE to be there. With College you are there because you WANT to be, a big difference.
@ajeetmish (165)
• Germany
5 Mar 07
both.but school days were really golden days.and in college i am doing masti masti and masti all i think both have there own importance. what do you say my friend?