Where to work...?

United States
March 4, 2007 1:52pm CST
So yeah... I'm 16 years old, and I guess I'm starting to look for a job. my parents want me to have one over the summer, but since swimming is over, and i do well in school without having to work too hard, i think i might get one now. Where would be some good places to work for my first time? I don't really want to work in a restraunt, but i will. I don't want to work in Krispy Kreme because i'd get way too fat off of donuts, and grocery stores don't really interest me. So maybe restraunts, but i just don't know. Where would be some good places? it doesn't have to be specific places, as there may not be some around where i live (Ohio). Also, what good paying online things are there? I tried GPTreasure, but all my offers were declined, and I don't feel like trying them again. I also tried CashCrate, but its been more than two weeks, almost three, and nothing has approved. I still have $51.75 pending, and I tried the daily survey, but that didn't go through either. I'd like to make around $130+ so i can buy a Nintendo DS Lite, and maybe have some extra money for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl... I know, childish, but i love the games. So i want to make $130+ in about a month and a half... What sites can help me do it? And what places should i look into working? Thanks!
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