do you believe in God?

March 4, 2007 2:30pm CST
i have believed in God for all my childhood, but now that i've grown i'm wondering about His real existence. i go to the church hardly ever, and i don't know if it is only laziness.. what do you think?
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• India
4 Mar 07
I do believe in god. Honestly Now I am giving less time to God/pray. In my childhood, I regularly visit temples and offer prayers.
• Singapore
4 Mar 07
Usually, those people who believe unwaveringly in God are those who were brought up in a religious environment. For instance, their parents may be devoted Christians who quote the bible at them since young. But as kids grow up, they may decide that the whole thing was a facade. Their rebellious streaks break through and they decide to find the path to "another God" or "no God" themselves. I think this is the point where you are at. If you don't believe in Jesus any more, do feel free to go "religion" shopping. There are so many religions out there and you may decide that another religion is better for you. Having said that, you may also choose to believe that there is e.g. no God. Whichever the case, I wish you luck and hope you will find an acceptable answer for yourself soon. ;-)
@luka_24 (102)
• Chile
4 Mar 07
God never gets away from is us who do...If you want to fell His presence in your heart and life again, I suggest you start by doing a liitle praying everyday. You'll soon see He is there, and has always been. :)