He's driving me crazy.

United States
March 4, 2007 4:12pm CST
My 4yr old nephew is driving me crazy... He's not bad or anything like that. But he's tries to be very controling over me.. LIke he cried for 2hr because I cut my hair and he didn't want it cut. He don't like if I do any change to myself at all not even wearing new clothes that I bought..HE just crys and crys forever over it... I still do it because I'm the adult butmy question is....How do I get him to stop??? And I'm the only one he does it over...I love him more than anything but I'm not gonna have a 4yr old tell me what I can or can't wear or when I can take a bath... Please help...It's driving me up a wall!!
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4 Mar 07
Spoilt or Either he doesn't like changes very much. It's probably just a stage which he's going through but you know it isn't good for him. When I say "Spoilt" that isn't a bad thing really, as there are different types. The best way for him to learn would be not allowing him to get his own way and when he sulks or does something like play up. Then it's probably best to put him in a naughty corner for a few minutes. He'll learn and chances are it's just a stage. =) Goodluck ~Joey
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