We'll Get Healthy Together & Support Each Other With Beg. Chair Exercises, Pt. 2

Chair (Any Chair) Exercises - We are starting out easy and building up to walking our pounds off
United States
March 4, 2007 6:28pm CST
Okay Women!!!Thank you for jumping into the chairs and rolling those necks. Did anyone have any problems? I'm thinking that we need to set up a private messaging network or an email network in case someone gets confused or needs a cheer-on. How about some feedback on that? I have a few doctors' appointments this week, but will make every effort to respond to each comment on this thread. The "Best Poster of Last Week Award" went to that woman MsTickle. You can recognize her as the huge pink fuzzy face with the grin from ear-to-ear. She is the one that started my mind rolling and realizing that sometimes all we need is a sister to just say, "I will help and I will walk the walk with you". My girdle is off to her, I need to walk that walk too and I am so happy she wrote the first post. Next on the Meeting Agenda! One of my closest friends is a physical fitness instructor - she doesn't live anywhere near me or I wouldn't be 30 pounds overweight! I called and discussed this with her and asked for her advice. Next on the Meeting Agenda! Val's Advice................Great JOB Women!If you have completed the head exercised with 5 repetitions, strive for 10. (I made a mistake last week when describing the head rolls). I only had you go to your chest, your left shoulder, your back, your right shoulder, and back - 5 times. What I forgot to do was once you had wound yourself, I forgot to have you unwind by doing the opposite; going to your chest, your right shoulder, your back, your left shoulder and front. This creates balance and please forgive me. Next Item On Meeting Agenda - Chair Arm Exercises (NO, we are not going to exercise the arms of our chairs) Start these easily at the beginning of the week, doing 5 repetitions on each side. Try to work up to 10 repetitions; but if you can't get that far don't worry. You can lie to us - we can't see you. In fact you don't have to lie to us, we will give you love anyway!Week Two: Since we are going to build each week -Start with your head exercises - Do all of these VERY SLOWLY AND CONCENTRATE ON EACH MOVEMENT -Tighten your hands into fists, bring your fists back to your shoulders (this will create a tightening in you mid back), Raise your arms to the sky - Repeat 5 times -Do same starting movement as above, but push arms out in front of you - Repeat 5 times -Do same starting movement as above, but push amms out to the sides - Repeat 5 times When you have finished, RELAX......... If you will, write your impressions about how you are feeling after the relaxation. I am loving and working with you dear sisters~Donna
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