Big Bang

March 4, 2007 7:28pm CST
This concerns God being real and the "big bang". Well everyone says theres no God because BIG BANG created the universe. Well..... Who created the big bang? If you have an answer for that then.. What was before the big bang? If you have an answer for that then.... What was before that thing?
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@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
Look, one way or another you have to accept some sort of infinity or some sort of creation ex nihilo. There's no way around it. I chose to go with thermodynamics and believe that "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed..." That being said, has any one heard of the Darwinistic Universe Theory? (I can't find anything on it on the net, so I gave it that name; and my explanation is off of the top of my hat, so bear with me) Basically, look at the anthropic principle: "The universe is the way it is because if it wasn't, we wouldn't be hear to observe it..." or something to that effect... Creationists try to say that that is proof that God exists... However, look at this other interpretation: What if there are MANY universes being created all the time. And what if new universes are formed from black holes in other universe... Now think of this; most random evolving universes would simply disintegrate in the first few seconds simply because there are MANY different ways for the laws of physics to form, but FEW ways for the laws of physics to form in a way that will allow a workable, long lived universe. Now, those FEW universes that happen to have the correct laws of physics to last long, also tend to be ones that allow black holes... and since black holes are the "means of reproduction" according to this hypothesis, than in "time" you will have more and more universes that produce black holes, simply because those that do NOT are "eliminated" ala Darwinian Natural Selection... Now, incidently, the "laws of physics" that allow for the creation of black holes are the very same ones that allow for the creation of life... And hence, we are here only because Natural Selection has "favored" universes that have the laws of physics that "reproduce" with black holes, and those ones are also the ones that support life... Or something like that... feel free to clean this up... it's totally off of memory (again, I couldn't find anything on the net...) But the point is, even with an infinite or ex nihilo universe, you STILL are NOT forced to conclude that God exists... there are other EQUALLY non-absurd NON-THEIST explanations...