THE BIGGEST SECRET "this book will change the world'

March 4, 2007 9:59pm CST
i've dowbload this book in the internet. it tells something about the babylonian brotherhood. they called reptile aryan or the reptile human.. "the mojor centre of the reptile aryan bloodlines, in the ancient world after the flood waters receded, was babylon in the south of the sumer region along side the river euphrates. a closer look at the evidence appears to the date the fundation of babylon far earlier than previously believe and it was one of the first cities o the post was here the mystery school and the secret societies were formed which were to span the globe in the thousand of years that followed. the brotherhood which controls the world today in the modern expression of the babylonian brotherhood of the reptile-aryan priest and 'royalty' which came together there after the flood. it was in babylon in thispost-flood period from around 6,000 years ago that the fundation beliefs, manipulation beliefs - of today's world religions were establish to control and rule the people. the founder of babylonian brotherhood acprding to ancient text and legend was NIMROD who reigned with his wife, queen SEMIRAMIS, nimrod describe as a 'mighty tyrant' and one of the 'giant'" for more some other information see pictures..
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