need paypal help.first will be best response if ans. is right.

March 5, 2007 1:10am CST
hi!! everybody.can paypal take money from our bank account without informing us??is paypal free???I live in india,how can I change the money into rupees???Is paypal completely safe????
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@graham31 (487)
5 Mar 07
Hi these are questions i have posted myself.If you look up my post entittled "PAYPAL IS IT SAFE" you will will find over 90 responses read through them about 98% of them say paypal is safe and they have never had any problems with it and some have had an account for many many years.Me?I've still to open mine i was unsure also thats why i posted the discussion and i was really surprise at the amount of replys. So when i come home from work to night i'm going to open a paypal account