Do Peoples really earn from MyLot

March 5, 2007 1:34am CST
I am newer to MyLot, So I does'nt anything about MyLot. Whats peoples work on MyLot to get paid, What should I have to do, to earn more and more. As I open a Paypal Account, So I do I get my Payment in India, as I have no Bank Account, and also there is not paypal bank in My City and My State too.
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@Neo_Knights (1887)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 07
You should open a bank account. How would you receive your money if you don't have bank account ? To get money here you should start a good discussion and respond your best to discussions here. There is a quality post rule here that ask you to respond minimum 4 lines of sentences. You will get minimum $0.01 per post but some mylotian said if your answer is good enough you can get up to $0.04 per post. And you must have quite good written english and grammar, because they count too. There's no Paypal Bank anywhere. Payal just deliver your earning to your bank account. Most of Indians here use mylot because there is some problem issue between Paypal and India.
5 Mar 07
Thanks You So Much, For Your Responce, and also showing me a Way to open bank account, and will like to follow as per your suggestion. I have a Paypal account and its was so confusing me that How to get a Payment. But Thanks for your suggestion.
@shay3434 (881)
• Israel
5 Mar 07
If you don't have a bank account, so you probably can't get the money, because you have no bill. But, the money you get to your paypel can be usefull if you want to buy something on the internet. for example, you can buy whatever you want on Ebay with your paypel acount.
5 Mar 07
Thanks For Your Responce and Also I like your way to tell me a true in Short and Sweet Method, I have a paypal account and trying to open a bank account, but its taking a time, so that was my confusion. But Now its seam to be possible that what I have to do. Thanks again.