Internet and computer addicition, see it, heal it, get rid of it

@Serwas (40)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
March 5, 2007 2:47am CST
I was thinking about it, and i was trin to find out how to discover am I addicted to internet and computers. My opinion is that I am, but where is a limit and how can I be sure. Im spending 12-16 hours a day in front my computer. Only time when im not in front of it is when im eating, drink caffe, sleep and go to bathroom. Last summer I went to vacation in wilderness, but after 3 days i fight with my wife and breaked my vacation just to come back in front this machine... Where is a limit? I always have some "reason" for siting here. I do something, i surf internet, i make website, i do this i do that, but true is I CANT GO AWAY form here. I think it's pure Computer addicition. How can I help my self? What to do just to spent few hours less in front of it.. My eyes r gone now. 4 years ago i started to wear glasses cuz i lost my eys on lousy monitor. Now i have to change them cuz my viewing is even worse. HELP...
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