I was very touched by this incident. What do you feel?

March 5, 2007 3:13am CST
Hello, This happened a few days back in Bangalore. 10 - 15 wild stray dogs grabbed the child (4 years) when he was playing nearby his house in the evening and killed him. The child's body was mutilated horribly cutting his foodpipe/ windpipe etc. This is the second incident happening in a row. Earlier 8 year old girl was also killed in the same way in another area of Bangalore. Why such incidents are happening. I really feel very sad for that children and their families. Many people around there say that few unauthorised and licenseless meat/mutton shops are there in these areas and the stray dogs depend very much on the waste products (raw blood etc.) thrown out of these shops, for food. When these dogs do not get sufficient food, they attack humans especially small children. Now the debate in going on whether to kill the stray dogs or to rehabilitate them somewhere. Animal activists fights for animal rights saying that stray dogs should not be killed. But general public is of the opinion that these dogs should be killed. Even I am of the same opinion. how can we control this menace? What is your view on this?
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@apa555 (36)
• Sweden
18 Mar 07
Since not all dogs are aggressive, all wild dogs should not be killed. This is a situation where you have to decide upon the individual. Like in all situations, you cannot put everybody in the same box and think everyone is the same way. I think we shouldn't kill the dogs, but rehibilitate them. Catch them, and let them live together in some kind of home in the countryside. When they are totally rehibilitated, try to find a family for the dog to live in. Nowadays, more and more people are getting pets in India, so it shouldn't be a big problem finding a family for the dogs.
@samson1967 (7415)
• India
5 Mar 07
It is very simple to control the man killing dogs. People should stop throwing the leftover food straight to corporation vehicles and feed the stray dogs of their respective streets.