Are we all basically the same?

This is a beautiful sunset in South Africa - This photo was taken by a friend of my daughter's in South Africa.
United States
March 5, 2007 3:16am CST
The more people I meet from other countries, the more I'm convinced that we're all basically the same and have the same dreams, the same wants and needs and the same feelings no matter where we're from. Do you agree or disagree?
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• Australia
30 Mar 07
Yes, we are all humans, and all of the same original mold. We all think, love and express emotions more or less the same way. I think there are very basic differences, however, because of our environmental and cultural differences. Even in the one "culture" or nation, there are differences. For example, take England where there is a marked class distinction, from royalty and nobility, to academics and white collar workers, to blue collar workers and labourers, to down-and-outers. The actual thought patterns of the different "classes" (I do not like the word, but the fact remains there IS a class consciousness and a distinction in the minds of most English people) are very different, as is their attitude to many things. When we consider the differences between nations, such as affluent America and poverty and drought stricken, over-populated countries, we again see a marked difference in their thought patterns, their attitudes and their expectations - and their living standards. Then we could consider some more remote tribal situations (I'm thinking here of some I know of in PNG and other countries) where it is considered "right" to steal and even to murder if it is a matter of payback. It depends on their upbringing. I certainly agree that all humans everywhere have the same emotions and are basically the same, but I must also believe that their cultural environment and upbringing does make a distinction. Good discussion. Thanks.
@Commerce (646)
• India
5 Mar 07
I agree with you. Human beings are same. Everyone has legs, eyes, ears, etc. People from all over the world can feel, touch, smell,etc. We can interact, shout dance, love, sing, etc. We are all same. Nothing can prove that we are different. We like peace, love, wealth, health. We all want to live long,... . Though there are few things which we differ but in general we have common interests.