what is the secret of getting max responses in mylot

March 5, 2007 3:22am CST
five is the max no of responses that i have received for a discussion.. and i always make it a point to respond to discussions with no responses.. is there any secret to getting responses??
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
5 Mar 07
I have a couple of suggestions. First make sure that your discussions can involve a large audience. This discussion will probably get more responses as everyone here can relate to a mylot question. The next thing is you need a regular audience to see your discussions this involves having a friends list. I noticed that you didn't have many friends, you need to get some. In requesting friends you need to make sure that they share similar interest as you. Request people that you responded to a discussion that you enjoyed. If you see a specific member in the same discussions that you respond to request them. Make sure that in requesting that you answer one of their discussions, I have read many discussions about this and it seems to be the polite thing to do. After posting a discussion go around to your friends discussions and respond to theirs this will get people looking at your. Just remember that not everyone will be able to respond to your discussions for one reason or other. Just remember not everyone will approve the friends request for one reason or other, don't be disappointed. The above suggestions have worked wonders for me. Good luck to you here at mylot!
• China
27 Dec 07
more friends means more response. I agree with you
@aneer72 (179)
• India
5 Mar 07
The secret is that you start a discussion that is hot on the date and then there will be many people who are interested in the topic and will respond to the discussion.
@dividend (119)
• Netherlands
5 Mar 07
I think a new discussion should be original, witty and actual. People should think about your point, and feel the need to response. Freedom of speech is a great value in this world.
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• India
5 Mar 07
there is no shortcut to success. i think people get attracted to discussions from their interests an dso they answer only those discussions whic h they find attractive. and they respond better once u have high numbers, they recognise u better. and if u haev a fixed avtaar they relate better to u...
• Slovak Republic
5 Mar 07
i really don't know man.. i have the same problems... well. i really try to provide discussions that are good and are open ended but as far as i know the most responded to discussion i have is the one that is answerable by a yes or no. i don't know what statistics are we basing too i just wish mylot would provide info on how our responses are being scored. so we can maximize our posts
• India
5 Mar 07
i think dere is no limit for getting max no of responses as u r saying