March 5, 2007 6:54am CST
Do you happen to have any idea on how to lessen/minimize hangover after drinking beer?
4 responses
@jahlou (99)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
u need to wash in a cold water so that your hot in your body can be get out.... and drink very cold water or softdrink....
@Noviisi (38)
• Finland
5 Mar 07
I think that the best way to minimize hangover is to drink a lot of water after bar night. Also I have discovered that when you eat something after bar night, it will help also your following morning. Big Mac is a good choice :)
@LiminaL (164)
• Italy
5 Mar 07
I've recently found in a pharmacy-shop, that they actually produce pills that supposedly, if taken before drinking, should help you reducing hangover. Sorry, but I don't remember the name of it...
@twilight021 (2060)
• United States
5 Mar 07
One of my favorite hangover prevention helpers is miso soup. Besides the fact that it tastes really good...I think the saltiness and the liquid have saved me from some pretty bad hangovers. Salt helps you retain water, and get hydrated faster. Beyond that I would also reccomend, lots of water, or some gatorade (or any other kind of sports drink that is supposed to help hydrate you), and maybe an over the counter pain/headache reliver before bed...if you are able to take such things (I'm no doctor, so don't take this as medical advice).