How to develop a good memory?

March 5, 2007 7:13am CST
i had noticed lately that i always forgot many things.. i guess i have as short term memory.what shall i do?
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@superbren (856)
5 Mar 07
there are lots of ways to develop a good memory. there are several self help books available. i have never tried them but i know people who have. i also have a poor memory and poor concentration. every now and again i go to a therapist and get a treatment such as reiki , refloxology or angel therapy. the therapy helps to clear your mind. the loss of memory is most often just happening because the brain is so clogged up with worries, problems , other peoples sometimes. we need to empty our minds every now and again.think about it . we are carrying things with us from childhood. how much can our poor brains hold?. think of it as the same as clearing out your drawers or cupboards. would you leave stuff in there for a whole lifetime?so why expect your poor brain to hold copious amounts of information and problems for years and years.