Paid by searching!!

Hong Kong
March 5, 2007 9:03am CST
Get paid by searching!!! $20 min payout egold and paypal and check supported you will get your payment automatically after 2 months and after this payout will sent to you automtically. Set it as your homepage will earn more!! forever 3 levels of refferals' earnings!! use it as your primary search engine will surely earn you more!!(but result are basically US sites.) earn by simply searching!!! More information and FAQs Will I be spammed? No, your email address will never be shared or sold to any other company. Also, we will only email you up to 2 advertisements per month. We will never flood your inbox with spam. Do I ever have to pay anything? This program is 100% free and you will never be required to pay anything, buy anything, signup for anything or anything of that nature. Just use as your homepage and primary search engine and earn money! Is this program currently limited to the USA? No, our program is now open to residents of all countries. However, our services, including our search engine, currently work best for the USA and primarily focuses on USA results. Why do I have to wait until I have made $20 to get paid? It costs us money every time we make a payment to you. PayPal charges us a fee to send a payment and checks also cost money. Also, we do not want to have a large number of people sign up, use our service for a day and expect a payment. Most of our members make $20 well within a month. How can you afford to pay me? We make money from multiple forms of advertising and we decided to share that with you. Instead of purchasing advertising, we pay our members to become loyal users. Join now and start getting rewarded for what you already do on the internet! You deserve a piece of the action. Why do you want to pay me? Advertising to get new users costs a lot of money so we primarily pay you so you use us, plus we'd rather give the money to you than gamble it on advertising. Also, we think that the huge profits made on the internet should be shared with the users that are helping make that happen. Lastly, you help us make money so we can create more jobs and donate to charities plus pay our own bills. Is this an MLM, pyramid scheme, etc.? Absolutely not. How can this program be an MLM, etc. when you never have to pay anything? That's like calling ordering lunch a pyramid scheme! Seriously, become a member and start earning money today; no catches and no scams! So how do I earn money? Once you sign up, you will be given instructions on how to setup your homepage so we can track your activity. Simple follow these instructions and you will be on your way to earning extra money. Also, simply use as your primary search engine. offers every kind of search you can imagine: web, images, news, video and shopping. We also offer an eBay Typo search never seen before. How can you go wrong with our acclaimed search results, thumbnails with every result and a warning image for websites that may have malware (viruses, trojans, adware, phishing, etc.) helping to keep you and your computer safe? Does clicking on ads make me more money? No, clicking on ads and purchasing from our advertisers does not directly impact your earnings. You are required to use our search engine normally like any other search engine. Why do earning amounts sometimes differ? We may change the amount we pay once in a while to keep this program running well. Also, when we change how often you are checked for activity, each earning will change. For example, when we check 6 times per hour: .04167 * 6 = $0.25. When we check 8 times per hour: .03125 * 8 = $0.25. How do I setup my homepage? Click here to read a tutorial on how to setup your homepage. Why do I get so many downline signup notifications? Sometimes you may receive more email notifications of a new referral signup than you really have. This is sometimes caused by a bug in our systems and should be ignored. It is not a mistake where someone really did signup but you don't see them in your account. What does the number of clicks in the member center mean? The number of clicks counts how many times your unique URL was loaded. Whether it is you loading up your homepage or someone clicking through your URL to sign up. This does not exactly connect to your earnings. Also, clicks does not count how many searches or clicks you do on search results. Do I earn money when someone clicks on my URL? No, however, you earn more money when these people signup and become part of your referrals. When I set my homepage to my unique URL, it keeps sending me to This is normal behavior. When you load your homepage, your browser will connect to our server and begin the tracking process. Then our server will tell your browser to go to our main page so you can begin using the website. However, you do not have to load the homepage every time you do a search. How can I get paid? We pay by PayPal, E-Gold and check. Choosing PayPal as your payment method will insure quicker and easier payments. If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to create one for free right now. Checks usually take a little bit longer to process. To get paid by E-Gold, enter your correct account number in the field labeled E-Gold Account Number. We do not support any other kinds of payments. How long can I earn money for? Forever! If you refer people, you will earn a percentage of their earnings forever! Plus, you will earn money for yourself for as long as you keep as your homepage and use us as your primary search engine. Can I use without joining this program? Yes you can. All features of are accessible without ever having to login. We welcome anyone to use any of our great features without creating an account. If I get referred by someone, do I earn less money? The extra percentage that a person gets when referring someone does not come out of the new user's earnings. We pay the extra difference so there are no worries when you signup under someone else. Can I refer people in my same household? Yes you can, however, you have to be using seperate computers. We only support one account per computer. One person may not have more than one account. How do you track my activity? You will be automatically checked for activity a few times per hour and credited for each segment. Every page and search feature on counts for this activity. This check will be on our systems and there will be no interference for you or any links or boxes to click. Your personal information is never associated with any search that you do or any advertising. Do I have to login everytime I do a search? No, once you read the instructions and setup your homepage, you are set to go. You will see a green dot at the bottom of the homepage letting you know that you are being tracked correctly. If this ever goes away, you just login again. However, many of our members login a few times a day just to see how much they have earned. You are allowed to use your homepage URL on more than one computer, such as at home, work and school. To do this, set your homepage as directed in the instructions and login atleast once on each new computer. Am I required to refer people? No. You can use this program and never refer anyone. You will still earn money and get paid! However, referring people will increase your earnings and we make it easy to do! Can I refer more then 10 people? Yes, if you are referring people, you can have an unlimited number of people in your downline for both levels 2 and 3. The number 10 in the picture is just an example. Does your charity contribution affect my earnings? We strongly believe in philanthropy and donate a percentage of our income every month to various charities. This does not come out of your earnings, we donate after we have paid all of our members. The charities we donate to and the percentage changes every month so we do not publish a list. Can I choose which charity you donate to? If you have a specific charity that you would like to see us donate to, just email us and we will consider it. We do not have any kind of voting system at this time. If you want the money you earn to be donated, we have decided to pay you and let you handle that on your own. There may be tax benefits, etc. so you should do this on your own. Will you need my Tax ID? We will only require your Tax ID when you have earned $600 and you are from the USA. We are required by law to report earnings we pay out at the end of each year. Your tax ID will only be used for this purpose. You will also receive an earnings statement at the end of each year if you earn atleast $600 and are from the USA so you may file it with your taxes. This is not required during signup, however, when your payment is to occur and you have earned more than $600, we will contact you to get it before sending your payment. Your tax ID is your social security number if you are an individual. If you are a business, partnership, etc., you know the drill. If you are not from the USA, we will not need your Tax ID. Your information is protected by our strict privacy policy and encrypted on our servers. Most fraud or identify theft occurs the old fashioned way - from lost or stolen credit cards, people you know who get access to your passwords, or tossing out bills or statements without shredding them first. With data encryption becoming the standard online, using a trusted web site can actually reduce the risk of identify theft. In fact, "
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@perugu (5279)
• India
9 Mar 07
hi,friend ,there are so many sites to earn,but many of the sites are spam.As you confirmed that this site is good,o.k,i will see now. Also,if you want genuine survey/earning sites for immeadiate try to join--1] 2] all the best.
@theone3nu (598)
• India
5 Mar 07
no minimum payment should be 50$. not 20$. that to we have to wait for 2 more months to get that payment.