Music effects on life?

@shan20us (272)
March 5, 2007 10:03am CST
What is music Effect on life is it neccesary for teenager or its just a hobby to listen music?
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@bandu123 (70)
• India
5 Mar 07
the effect of music on man/life was studied 2000years greeks & the subject was planetory harmony.we take birth on this earth which is not stationary & is revolving so are other planets & stars. due to this rotation each object has its own music which is associated with us since our birth. if it is harmonious with us we are healthy & when there is a turbulance we fell sick. the present indian music was derived from saveda. veda=knowledge.the ancient indian rishies have created music best suitable for seasons as well as to suite 24 hours of the day, to suite all 9 rasas=moods.
@shan20us (272)
• Pakistan
6 Mar 07
hmm you have a lot of information about music and i think you are very fond of music this is good to read that how music effects on our lives and this means our sickness and health belongs to music in some way is'nt it? anyways thanks for response...!