Do you fall more in love with your husband/wife everyday?

United States
March 5, 2007 12:32pm CST
I am so amazed at how much love grows when it is fed. I already love my wife more than anyone else in the world, and as much as I could possibly love. But that love continues to get stronger and grow deeper every single day. Yeah, we have our moments and we are far from perfect, but we really love each other. It's so amazing and I know that it's all because of God. I know beyond any doubts that He put us together and we were meant for each other (soul-mates). I am not trying to take credit or to rub it anyone's face, but I know to some of you who may have had rocky relationships it might seem that way. But, back when I was single, I put everything in God's hands and just gave Him control over that area of my life. When I was looking for the right person I let God choose for me. I know God rewarded me for letting him have it His way and I just thank God every day for how he has blessed me. I was just wondering if any of you out there have experienced what I am talking about.
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